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A total of 27 vehicles were intercepted between July 18 and July 28

Vadodara: It has been one of the ‘fanciest’ drives undertaken by the traffic police in the city. Over the last two weeks, the cops have intercepted and fined owners of some of the costliest bikes on Akota-Dandia Bazaar Road. The bikers were penalized for over-speeding on this six lane road that connects eastern part of the city to the western part.
The police said that some of the offenders were riding very expensive bikes. “The drive was initiated to prevent rash driving on this stretch. There were complaints of bikers using the Akota-Dandia Bazaar Road as a racing track. So a team of policemen was deployed on both ends of this road to penalize rash drivers,” said a traffic police official.
The team used to intercept any biker driving at breakneck speed and penalize Rs 1,500 for over-speeding. Between July 18 and July 28, at least 27 vehicles including cars were penalized for over-speeding. A couple of sports bikes were seized as the owner couldn’t produce vehicle registration papers as well as driving license.
“Price of the bikes that we intercepted ranged from Rs four lakh to Rs 16 lakh and we saw some of these motorbikes for the first time. If not driven safely, such high speed machines can cause accidents,” the police official added. Armed with speed guns, the cops had launched a drive to penalize over-speeding vehicles on July 18.
The police said that after lockdown ended, many bikers ventured out daily in evenings and burnt rubber on the two-kilometre stretch between Dandia Bazaar and Akota. A team cops also moves around in civil clothes on this road to not just penalize rash drivers but also prevent anti-social elements from hanging out there.

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