‘Clear Nyay Mandir of all personal belongings by Feb’ | Vadodara News

The heritage building was vacated in March 2018

Vadodara: After more than two years it was vacated, the district court has asked the Baroda Bar Association (BBA) and its advocates to clear Nyay Mandir building of their personal belongings.
In his letter, the principal district judge has asked the president of BBA to inform all advocates to take away furniture or any other belonging that may still be lying inside the heritage building before February or else these will be disposed off as per government rules.
“We have asked lawyers to to take away certain things lying in the building as monsoon has started. Last year too, during monsoon, a tree uprooted inside the campus. With furniture lying inside, it is difficult to maintain cleanliness,” an administration official told TOI.
“The furniture may be damaged, but we have to follow procedure of asking them to take it away so that no one raises any objection in the future,” the official said adding that the court is now being regularly cleaned.
Built in 1896, the heritage building was vacated in March 2018 as the courts shifted to the new building in Diwalipura.
Since then the building has remained in Gujarat high court’s possession. In the past TOI had reported about how the temple of justice for 120 years was in state of disrepair as garbage and old furniture was scattered everywhere.

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