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The death of the electrical shop trader created panic among other shopkeepers in the eastern parts of the mark…Read More

Vadodara: Shopkeepers in the famous old city market of Mangal Bazaar downed shutters on Friday after a trader there succumbed to Covid-19. The trader had a shop selling electrical goods in the market.
The death has left the shopkeepers of the market a worried lot as even before the death that came to light early on Friday, the other traders operating from the market had tested positive. Cases are also being reported in residential areas and other markets around Mangal Bazaar.
Jay Thakor, who represents the association of shopkeepers in the eastern parts of the market, said that there was panic in the area. “We have suggested that the shops are closed for fixed days or to work out some other system, but the traders have made heavy losses during the lockdown and are reluctant to stay out of business,” he said.
Thakur said that there were hardly any restrictions officially. “Some system has to be worked out to resolve the issue or else the cases will keep on increasing. People from across the city and even outside converge here for shopping or doing business. There are high chances of the infection spreading from here,” he said.
With the number of Covid-19 cases increasing steadily, the shopkeepers in different parts of the city have already restricted timings. Shops in Chhani, Gotri and Dashrath area of the city have taken decisions in this regard.

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