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Sangita Apartments earlier asked the clinic not to allow Covid patients

Vadodara: Residents of a society on RC Dutt Road created ruckus on Saturday night to stop an ambulance from entering their complex which also houses a medical imaging centre besides five residential buildings.
On Sunday, 21 residents including eight women were detained for unlawful assembly, endangering life, wrongful restraint and under Disaster Management Act.
The issue cropped up as residents of Sangita Apartments had closed their complex’s gate after informing Dr Viren Shah, who runs the imaging centre on the ground floor, about it. According to Shah, some residents had informed him through WhatsApp on Saturday evening that as Covid-19 patients visit his centre, they are closing the gates for all.
“I told them that the government has allowed imaging centres to remain open as it comes under medical services and I cannot close it. I also informed civic body’s health officer Dr Devesh Patel about it and he, too, asked me to keep the centre open,” Shah told TOI.
He added that the complex has just one gate but has an approach which passes through a private property. “The other approach entrance too had been closed and the residents closed the gate of the complex illegally,” Shah said.
On Saturday night, when an ambulance from a cardiology hospital reached the imaging centre’s gate, dozens of residents stopped the vehicle from entering. Even as police intervened, residents got into arguments with them and the ambulance carrying an elderly woman left.
Eventually as cops detained some of the residents, the ambulance arrived again and it was allowed to enter.
The residents said that they don’t have any issue towards the imaging centre but the ambulance or other medical staff that arrives with patients throw their masks and gloves in the complex premises. They also claimed that representations were made to civic body and police about it, but nobody acted.
“The patients who come, roam around in the society and they do not practice any hygiene,” said a resident.
“We have been telling the doctor repeatedly. Suspected Covid-19 patients and other patients come here for CT Scan and until the patient’s turn comes for the test, they are out in the society and the medical waste is thrown openly,” said Ketan Shah, president, society association’s president. He added that the residents held a meeting on Saturday and served notice to the imaging centre before closing the gate.

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