Vadodara Corona Updates 17 August

Vadodara #Covid19 tally at 6429 with 105 new cases reported from 1640 (updated) samples. North 9East 12West 21South 33Rural 30Discharged today 150, Total discharged 5163Deaths reported today 1, Total death … Read More

Vadodara #Covid19 tally at 5686 with 106 new cases reported today from 1039 samples.

As the testing gradually increases, West zone records spike with 43 cases. East 12North 6South 16Rural 29Discharged today 81 Total discharged 4379Deaths reported today 3 Total death toll 111

Vadodara #Covid19 tally at 5580 with 108 new cases reported today from 1014 samples.

East 13West 21North 28South 18Rural 28Discharged 111 (Total 4298)Deaths 2 (Total toll 108) વડોદરામાં આજે કોરોનાના 108 પોઝિટિવ કેસ સામે આવ્યા. આજે 11 દર્દી રિકવર થયા તો 2 દર્દીના મૃત્યુહાલમાં … Read More

Vadodara #Covid19 tally 5363 with 107 new cases reported today from 973 samples.

East 17, West 28, North 22, South 10, Rural 28, Outsider 2 [ Anand/Ahmedabad] Discharged today 91Total discharged 4120Deaths reported today 2Total deaths toll 103 વડોદરામાં #COVID19 ના આજે નવા … Read More

Twitter to Flag state affiliated accounts of P-5 Nations.

In a yet another attempt to limit the information warfare on its platform, major social media platform Twitter has started announced that it will be labeling state-affiliated media accounts. The … Read More

Vadodara #Covid19 tally 5246 at with 104 new cases reported today from 932 samples.

West 30, East 18, North 6, South 21, Rural 28, Outsider 1 (Anand) Discharged today 39 Total discharged 4029 Deaths reported today 2 Total deaths toll 101